Invotec Group Invest in Latest Auto Align Imaging Platform from Olec

Invotec Group Invest in Latest Auto Align Imaging Platform from Olec

Giga Solutions Ltd., distributor of Olec Corporation., today announced that Invotec Group has purchased three (3) Accutray systems with Hybrid Collimation for use in its multi-plant operation in England. Mr Tim Tatton, Operational Director at Invotec said, “The purchase of the AccuTray systems demonstrates Invotec Group’s commitment to investing in technical capability & lead time reductions at both the Blackburn & Tamworth facilities. The Solder Mask unit for Tamworth complements the high capability already achieved with LDI exposure of outer circuits.

The Blackburn units will give the enhanced fine line capability & registration benefits of Hybrid collimation with AccuTray for the higher volume requirements of the Blackburn facility in both outer circuits & solder mask”. About Accutray The AccuTray(TM) ATH30 is innovative, automatic vision-based registration system for imaging printed circuit boards. The AccuTray AT 30 can handle tasks impossible to achieve using conventional equipment and offers a much higher level of control and versatility. It comes with four programmable cameras per tray.

AccuTray will align top-to-bottom-film and panel-to-film using a best-fit method. About Invotec Group Invotec Group is now the dominant force in the UK market and one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of timecritical, high technology printed circuit boards. Through its three sites in the UK, Invotec operates in a niche, high value, and low volume sector of the electronics market. Invotec develops and manufactures a wide range of highly complex products, principally multi layer rigid and flex – rigid PCB’s.

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About Olec Corp Olec is the world leader in the imaging of lights sensitive materials for graphic arts, packaging, screen printing, printed circuit board, liquid crystal display, and photo chemical machining applications. Since 1977, Olec’s goal has been to provide its customer with reliable exposure systems. Its products are recognised for high quality of reproduction, registration, dependability, productivity, safety, convenience, and competitive price.

Our equipment has become the industry standard of performance. And the reason for our success is embodied in our quality philosophy – to exceed your expectation. For more information visit: (